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286-5304 - Bistro Irish Coffee Mug

Bistro Irish Coffee Mug
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Bistro Irish Coffee Mug. 10-1/2 oz. 4-7/8 in h x 3-1/16 in diameter. Premium Glass. Bulk Packed.

Etch Area:

2.25" h x 1.75" w

Retail Price(R):

1-10: $26.78
11-50: $25.98
51-100: $25.17
100+: $24.37
















Note ** There will be a $66.66(R) One-time Setup for etched pieces. **
If personalized, there is a $6.67(R) line change charge.
If colorfilled, there is a $11.20(R) per item charge.
(Dependent upon artwork and item if colorfill can be done)
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