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Classy Glass, Inc. is a Supplier Member of both PPAI and ASI. Classy Glass, Inc. opened its doors
in 1997. The first product line was Custom Artistic Architectural Glass and Mirror. The
expression "architectural glass and mirror" usually refers to glass and mirror that are fixed or
non-removable parts of a construction. For example, glass that is part of a shower stall, be it
the shower door or fixed panels, is considered "architectural glass". Windows, permanently
installed mirrors, glass sidelights, glass transoms etc are considered "architectural" in use,
because they are not normally taken from the building when a person or business leaves. Our
line is not just a line of architectural glass and mirror but artistic glass and mirror. Some of the
products that constitute this line are etched glass shower doors, carved bathroom mirrors,
carved glass sidelights, carved glass divisions in restaurants, etc.


About Our Team

Gene & Alyce Rainone

Owners and Founders

The owners brought with them 15 years experience in the custom, artistic glass and mirror field. The processes include glass etching by means of sandblasting, glass carving (also called sand carving and glass sculpturing), air-brushing, colored glass art and more. In 2005 Classy Glass became a Supplier member of PPAI and a few years later joined ASI. Creating stunning artistic glass awards is easy compared to floor to ceiling carved glass or mirror panels! It is no wonder then that Classy Glass, Inc. has already won 2 Supplier Achievement Awards in International Competition at the PPAI shows! Additionally, Classy Glass, Inc was awarded the Supplier Award of Merit at the 2009 PPAI show for overall performance as a Supplier including Customer Service!


Sales, Customer Service, I.T.

Team member since 2014 – she
can take care of just about
anything that comes up, outside
of production. From computer
gliches, to purchase orders, to
product inventory, Cynthia keeps
things moving smoothly.


Production Manager

Team member since 2015 – she
makes sure production moves


Production Specialist

Team member since 2016 – she
works with the production team
to keep production moving smoothly.

About Our Process

Etching, Glass Carving, Air-Brushing, Colored Glass Art and More.

Sand Etching

Also called Sandblasting, sand etching ejects a very fine metallic or mineral
abrasive under pressure (compressed air) which etches the product. This is the
process of choice for etching glass, crystal, and marble. It produces a very, very
fine satin finish. Some companies that do sand etching use #80 or #100 grit
abrasive. (With abrasive, the higher the #, the finer the grit). The finer the grit, the
finer the etch. Why would anyone etch with #80 or #100? Because the material
can be recycled more times, thus cutting costs of the etching companies.
However, this is at the expense of the product, because the etching produced is
inferior to that of an etching with a finer abrasive.

When etching multiple pieces (of the same item) some companies will use a
rubber mask because it can be used over and over again, up to about 500 times.
This cuts costs. However, the rubber mask breaks down over time, so that the 10th
time it is used, the etching is not quite as crisp, the 100th time it is definitely
affecting the appearance of the etching and so on. Classy Glass, Inc. does NOT use
this method. Classy Glassy, Inc. uses ONE MASK for only ONE ITEM. This assures
that the 500th item is just as crisp, just as clean as the 1st.

Glass Carving (or Sand Carving or Glass Sculpturing)

A process also done by sandblasting, however, Sand Carving is usually called
Stage Blasting because the "masking" must be taken off in "stages" so that the
carving ca be done in multiple depths. Sand Carving is a much more tedious
process than Sand Etching. However, the effect is quite dramatic.


Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the practice of using lasers to engrave an object. Typically
this is done on materials like Acrylic, engraving plates for plaques, some glass
items and some glassware as well. The item pictured is an example of an acrylic


Colored Glass Art

This is a 2-step process whereby a liquid lead (really black latex) is applied to the
glass to delineate the design, after which special translucent paints are used to
produce stunning visual designs and effects.


The reason why Classy Glass, Inc. excels so easily in the customizing and manufacturing of
extraordinary stylish awards is due to our technical expertise and the artistic talent of our
employees. for many years Classy Glass, Inc. manufactured (and still manufactures) artistic
architectural glass and mirrors. These items are usually large glass or mirror projects with
profuse etching or carving in the glass or mirror itself. Such items may be found in palatial
ballrooms or the entryways of very deluxe buildings, hotels, or homes. (For example, Classy
Glass, Inc. recently installed 19 large carved glass panels in Harrah's Cherokee Hotel & Casino, in
Cherokee, NC. Bears, deer, elk, trees, steams, squirrels, mountains are all exquisitely carved into
the glass panels that are part of a handrail overlooking the reception area). With this
background, creating elegant, distinguished glass and crystal awards is simple by comparison.

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